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Spiral C20 Staircase White/Beech 110 cm


C20 spiral stairs are beautiful, solid and easy to assemble stairs.



C20 spiral stairs are beautiful, solid and easy to assemble stairs.

Perfect for indoor use, its simple and clean lines adapt to any type of environment, from modern to classic.
Each element of the stairs has been designed to match the unique style of the product.

40 mm thick laminated beech wood, 45° beveled edges.

Construction available in black, grey, dark grey  – please contact us directly.

Plastic handrail that can be molded on site based on the curvature of the handrail, alternatively in beech wood with sectors that can be adapted to the slope of the stairs.

Possibility of making a corner landing for individual needs for an additional fee – individual pricing.

Product Information

Total height of the stairs: from 1000mm – 5000mm
Step height: from 210 to 230 mm
Stair diameter: 1100 mm
Opening shape: round – square – mezzanine
Metal Color: White – Gray – Black – Taupe – Bronze
Woodworking: brushed
Wood finishes: natural oil
Wood shade: Oak – Walnut – Stone – Wenge
Recommended opening in the ceiling: 115×115 cm
Suitable for indoors


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