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Industrial galvanised Linea LS 80 Profile grid


Linea industrial galvanised stairs  are  straight stairs that allow you to create connection  inside or outside the building


Linea industrial galvanised stairs, BP variant, with a landing and a double-sided balustrade (supports and poles included).
An exemplary set of 12 steps covers 204 cm, step height 171 mm.
Step width 80 cm.
Step material: Profiled grid
Possibility to select a range of steps from 2 to 18 (329-3583 mm).

Linea industrial  galvanised stairs  are  straight stairs that allow you to create communication  inside or outside the building,  bypassing the stage of creating individual design documentation. This allows for significant time savings during order fulfillment.
Modular galvanised stairs are a ready-made solution that  allows you to create a circulation route between the building’s floors. The installation of Linea industrial stairs is significantly simplified, therefore it does not require specialized knowledge or the presence of a team of specialists. The customer performs  assembly based on screw connections  on his own.

LINEA outdoor stairs  are protected against weather conditions by  galvanising, so the customer is guaranteed their resistance and durability.
Two variants of steps available: profiled grating and welded grating.

The LINEA straight staircase system  is also characterized by 5 available flight widths (800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200 mm) and the ability to select a range of steps from 2 to 18 (329-3583 mm).


  • 3-position adjustable angle of inclination: 33, 37, 40°
  • Range from 2 to 18 degrees (329-3583 mm)
  • 5 run widths: 800, 900, 1000, 1100, 1200mm
  • Two side entry options available: using brackets anchored to the wall and using support columns

The Linea straight staircase system meets the EN ISO 14122-3 standard. When providing solutions for the industrial and construction industries, we attach the greatest importance to the safety of users.

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