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Energy Saving Polar Loft Staircase


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Polar 60 loft staircase model. These Austrian-manufactured Minka loft stairs are an extremely durable and practical solution for attic spaces. Thickest hatch on the market. A solid 60 mm hatch, quality materials and high energy efficiency. The stairs look elegant and fit into any space. 

Product Information

Energy-Saving Polar 60 Loft Staircase

Hatch thermal transmittance: 0.64 W / m2K

Storey height: 280 cm

Wooden box 13 cm high white flap on both sides

Thickness 60 mm insulation – damper filling – polystyrene flap, rebate covering the bottom edge of the box steps connected by the “dovetail” method.

Non-slip step profile for safe use.

Handrail for easy entry (yellow) professional two-point lock seals the hatch automatically for maximum tightness.

Solid, durable workmanship

Ladder can be painted.

Load capacity: 150 kg

Ladder width: 40 cm

Step width: 35 cm

Plastic feet at the ends of the ladder (protect against scratching the floor)

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