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Dolle F30 Fire Resistant Loft Staircase


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The DOLLE F30 loft ladder is a staircase with a fire-resistant structure and a fire resistance of 30 minutes on both sides with accordance to DIN EN 4102-2: 1977-09. A hatch with a 50 mm thick layer of insulation made of Rockwool mineral wool. The hatch has an aesthetic finish with invisible hinges, making it easier to paint. Hatch and lock painted white. Wooden slats included in the package. Solid attic stairs of exceptionally good quality, equipped with non-slip ladder feet. Ladder made of pine wood, steps made of beech wood. The lower edge of the hatch is milled and has a gasket that ensures tight closure. Equipped with a stabilising spring mechanism for easy use.

Product Information

Dolle F30 Loft Staircase

Type: 3-part ladder

Material: Wood

Floor height: Max. 288 cm

Winder: 136 cm

Maximum opening radius: 162.5 cm

Number of Steps: 12

Hatch Material: Blockboard

Mounting hole: (as selected)

Insulation: 50 mm

Hatch thickness: 18 mm

Hatch Height: 210 mm

Outer hatch dimensions: 117.5 x 57.6 cm (120x60cm)

Flap material: White HDF board 2 x 3 mm

Insulation: 50 mm

Flap thickness: 56 mm

Step thickness: 18 mm

Step depth: 83 mm

Width: 400 mm

Step height: 250 mm

Step material: Beech S

Side element material: Pine

Side element thickness: 21 mm

Side element depth: 83 mm

Height: 36.7 cm

Max. arm height with closed stairs: 59.2 cm

Max. load, tested according to en14975: 150 kg, tested up to 265 kg U-VALUE W / (M²K) 0.96

Tested as building element

Air tightness: Class 4 (tested according to EN12207 at the IFT institute in Rosenheim)

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