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Carla Industrial Galvanised Stairs 180cm


Carla modular galvanised stairs are a modern and practical solution for the industrial sector e.g. in logistics, warehouse or production halls.

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Carla modular galvanised stairs are a modern and practical solution for the industrial sector. They belong to the group of modular stairs, which makes them different from the well-known classic design stairs. The engineers managed to create a modular spiral staircase that allows you to skip the time- and capital-intensive process of preparing technical documentation. Thanks to a wide range of variants, Carla stairs can be easily adapted to the needs of customers, which guarantees time savings during the execution of the order.

The main advantage of industrial spiral stairs is the possibility of maximizing the use of available space in rooms with limited space. They are used e.g. in logistics, warehouse or production halls.
The step height in the Carla stairs is adjustable in the range of 16-20 cm.

The stairs can be raised up to 500 cm.
If you have any questions, please contact us, we will be happy to choose the right set for your individual needs.

The Carla spiral staircase system was created with the industrial sector in mind.

The simplicity and lightness of the structure, with a simultaneous guarantee of safety, makes the TLC steel stairs ideally fulfill the function of communication in industrial buildings. In addition, they can also provide external access to the property. Their spiral structure is a deliberate measure that facilitates the use of space, which is often very limited.

Carl’s system will work as:

Stairs in warehouse halls
Stairs in production halls
Stairs of logistics halls
Stairs in machine parks
Stairs in factories
Stairs leading to the mezzanine
Refrigerator stairs
Stairs in garbage sorting plants
Stairs in the hangars
Stairs in technical rooms
Stairs in public places
We guarantee the compliance of the Carla industrial stairs with the EN ISO 14122 – 3 standard, which defines, among others, requirements for stairs as access to machinery and equipment.

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