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Main Spiral Staircases – regulation compliant
If you are installing a spiral staircase from one floor to another i.e., hallway to bedrooms, bathrooms etc it will need to comply to certain regulations. One of the main rules is the 100 mm gap rule. This means that at no point there is a gap bigger than 99 mm between the balusters or the individual tread

Spiral stairs for loft conversions
If you are installing a secondary spiral staircase for access to loft space, office, playroom, mezzanine floor etc you should have no issue in fitting a more basic spiral staircase as this is deemed non habited temporary access

Internal spiral staircases are particularly well suited where traditional solutions would not be possible to implement due to the small amount of space or no space was previously provided for them. In addition, they look interesting in interiors – while not taking up too much free space. The structure itself looks original, and in combination with a designer balustrade it can become a real decoration. We guarantee an attractive price – it depends on the size and materials.

We make spiral structures in private homes as well as in boarding houses, companies and wherever the introduction of such a solution is possible – mainly in terms of technical conditions. We offer models with a modern design. We rely on a combination of wood and metal. For the needs of our customers, we can make the whole thing in one color, guaranteeing a very original look, as well as incorporating the entire structure into the interior design concept.

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