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We prepare external stairs for our clients that withstand various weather conditions very well. We make them in such a way that they are resistant to intensive use. We use materials that ensure the durability of our solutions. Galvanized metal profiles are used to make the frames. Thanks to the zinc layer, the material’s resistance to mechanical damage and weather conditions is enhanced – it provides special protection against corrosion.

Our offer includes ready-made external stairs in specific dimensions. Models for self-assembly are very popular, characterized by an innovative form that allows you to adjust the height of the structure to individual needs and technical conditions. We offer, among others, the Dolle GARDENTOP starter set, in which you can choose the number of risers yourself and the entire structure can be equipped with various variants of treads and railings. We also offer ready-made sets of specific sizes.

The price of the structures we propose depends on the size, materials, etc. We offer economical solutions, as well as more expensive versions of external stairs. All of them are of good quality because good quality materials were used for their production. The solutions we propose can be used in private homes, boarding houses, companies, etc. Their assembly usually takes a few hours, after which you can immediately use the stairs. An additional advantage of the proposed metal structures is the fact that they do not require any special care or maintenance.

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