Outdoor Metal Stairs

Bearing flat bars in steps and grilles are made according to PN-EN 10051: 2011

The construction elements we offer prove themselves excellently during use, they are extremely functional and tolerate adverse weather conditions with ease. Exterior metal staircases are one of several options amongst the most popular models, often employed wherever portability or quick assembly is an asset. All of them are manufactored from first-class quality raw materials, resulting in durable products finished to a high standard. The sets consist of Nati openwork steps or Wema welded gratings, guides, wall and floor fixings, as well as the screws necessary for assembly. Additionally, it is possible to order matching railingsthat ensure a fully secure and stable finished set of stairs. You can perfectly match and customize your stairs to their intended purpose with the option of ordering treads in various widths and quantities. The metal stairs and frames are products that are made to order to fit your specific needs.

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